If you are capturing audio with your camera or mobile device in an enclosed area, you’re likely to encounter reverb. Sometimes, you just can’t avoid recording in a large hall or a stark office setting where reverberation is present. Reverb may seem difficult to remove, but it is important to alleviate the issue. The importance of good audio cannot be understated; poor audio can ruin your beautiful imagery!

I’d like to show you how to use the DeVerberate 2 plugin, which I was given for evaluation by Acon Digital. It can fix reverb issues quickly and easily, which is great for the novice, but it also offers features for the more advanced user.

This plugin can be used with several audio applications, but I’m using it with Adobe Audition. My video tutorial above will show you how to bring the plugin into Audition, apply it to your audio track with reverberation, review the main settings that a novice will want to use, and then get into the other details of the plugin effect for the more advanced user.