A key step in your videos planning is creative development. You need to think through the creative approach, define it, beat it up, and refine it. Chances are your original ideas and assumptions will be a lot stronger after you put them through a creative wringer. Here are a few things Ive learned in developing video projects.

  • Don’t try to reinvent what already exists. You need to closely examine whats already in the web video universe or competitive marketplace. Don’t waste your time developing a concept that is identical to something thats already popular. True originality is hard, but its a rare day when the clone surpasses the original. With that said, don’t give up on your idea, refine it.
  • Decide who you want to attract. Video and web video are increasingly niche mediums. Going after a smaller, targeted group is what its all about. You need to think long and hard about whom you want to reach. By refining your target audience, you stand a much better chance of appealing to them and capturing their attention. Whats important here is that you identify a specific group with specific interests, then develop content that fits their needs.
  • Make sure your visuals matter. Make sure your leveraging the strengths of the medium to justify the cost (and download time). Make sure that your video is not just a talking head. Think of ways to mix video and photography to illustrate the concepts being discussed.