Skylum recently announced Luminar Neo, its next-generation creative image editor. Luminar Neo will offer new state-of-the art artificial intelligence tools, designed to address common issues faced by photographers.

Included are new features like the automatic removal of dirt, dust spots and power lines. Luminar Neo will also offer the ability to automatically replace portrait backgrounds, without having to manually mask or crop.

Compared to LuminarAI, Luminar Neo will also feature an optimized engine, and the ability to use the same tool multiple times. Plus, layers also see a comeback, allowing for creative editing and compositing.

In the video above, I give a full preview about some of the new technologies coming with Luminar Neo, and what I’m most excited about.

Luminar Neo vs. LuminarAI

LuminarAI was created for photographers looking for a non-intimidating photo processing experience. It’s ideal for those who like to use templates and who like to get great results and benefit from artificial intelligence technology.

Luminar Neo offers maximum performance for complex tasks. It was designed for creative artists to fine-tune their images in post-production and take them to another level.

When can I get it?

Skylum has announced the launch of Luminar Neo for mid-December.

The company is currently offering an Early Bird discount, valid until September 19, 2021. The cost for a single license for new users is $54 (or $34 for current Luminar users). Skylum offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee after the ship date.

Create more and get free bonuses, with Luminar Neo

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