Today, Adobe dropped the April release for video applications. Get excited for increased productivity!

Intel acceleration

Windows users rejoice! Premiere Pro version 15.1 has received optimizations to improve the export time of h.264/HEVC encodes. This uses Intel’s Quick Sync hardware acceleration. Adobe bench testing shows performance to be up to 1.8X faster than in version 14.0. The blue bars in the chart below help you visualize the time savings.

Lumetri previews

Adobe found a way to make Lumetri even better in Premiere Pro. Now, you’ll have dynamic previews for the Lumetri presets. This means that you’ll see a frame from your current sequence as a preview of how the preset looks. In my opinion, this will help with efficiency as I’ll be able to make quicker decisions and less trial and error.

Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush gets in on the update improvement as well. If you use Apple M1 devices, you now have full support for Premiere Rush. Note that Apple M1 computers will not provide improved playback and export performance when compared to Intel-based systems.

iOS users now have a context menu available in the timeline. Simply tap a video clip on the timeline and the menu will appear. This allows you to split, separate audio from video, delete or duplicate a clip. Don’t worry Samsung users, you aren’t left out. Premiere Rush now supports the Note 20 and 20+.