Adobe is bringing its Sensei AI to its 2021 release of Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premiere Elements.

What can you expect that is new or updated in Adobe Photoshop Elements?

I was given the opportunity to take a look at the updated Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 that is being released today. While I’m not by any means a Photoshop user or expert, I found the new additions and updates in Photoshop Elements to be pretty fun to play with. I think that it will be the perfect addition for those who are social media posters, scrapbookers and anyone who likes to create a little extra with their images. I think it will be especially easy for beginners who may be wanting to delve deeper into photo editing but don’t know where or how to start.

Adobe has made it pretty simple to ‘fix’ an image that isn’t quite right. Don’t get me wrong — you still have to start with a well-composed shot, but you’ll have help with exposure, straightening and other artistic types of editing.

The same holds true for the Adobe Premiere Elements, which includes fun, new features to make your videos a bit more than just straight out of phone/camera videos.

Adding motion to still images

Powered by Adobe Sensei, you’ll be able to transform your images into moving photos with just one click. This feature will also help you create animated GIFs with 2D and 3D camera motion.

Fine-tuning portraits and group shots with Adjust Face Tilt

This feature will help you fix those portraits where something isn’t just quite right. From closed eyes to a missed smile in a group shot the Adjust Face Tilt function, using Adobe Sensei allows you to make small tweaks to face angles and directions by adjusting the positions of a person’s face.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Quote graphics

Using your own photos you’ll be able to add quotes and create social media-ready graphics. There are plenty of pre-set templates, customization and animation options to try. There are plenty of templates to get you started and you can share directly to Flickr and Facebook.

Guided edits

Adobe Photoshop Elements now includes 58 guided edits. These range from basic adjustments to artistic options. Guided edits are done by following the simple steps while learning as you go. I used a guided edit to add the border and text to this image.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

A few of the new guided edits include modern duotones, replacing skies, erasing unwanted objects and more.

Updated automatic backup for your image catalog

All of your images, albums, keywords, people, places, events and any tagging you’ve added to your photos will now automatically be backed up for easy recovery if necessary.

Built-in prints and gift services

Now you can create unique gifts and wall art from your images directly from Adobe Photoshop Elements.

New features and benefits for Adobe Premiere Elements

Make precise selections

Select a specific object and easily apply an effect that tracks throughout the video.

See effects in real-time

No waiting for rendering to see the effects of your edits.

New music tracks

21 new music tracks have been added.

Guided edits

A new double exposure edit allows you to play a movie within a photo. You can also now ad an animated matte overlay to your videos.

Automated backups

Updated to automatically back up your catalog structure.

Read more about the new features and updates on Adobe’s blog.