I’ve been making pictures for ten years, and I’ve tried most of the camera carrying systems on the market. However, the one system I’ve chosen to invest in is the Spider Holster. It’s certainly not the least costly option, but it is the most secure and most comfortable.

Spider Holsters take all the weight of your camera and put it on your hips, not your shoulders. When I use neck straps with a camera, I get a kink in my neck immediately — cameras are heavy! I last a few minutes longer if I use a sliding shoulder strap, but I can go for days and days with the camera on my waist. Plus, the Spider Hand Straps make it much easier to hold and use your camera. I love them so much that Spider Holster asked me to be an ambassador for them — but please note that I bought the system with my own money first, and I’d do it again in a second. This video shows how the holsters work.

Tools in this video