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I know the best pizza place in town. Yet, there are four pizza places in town, and not everyone agrees with me!

What does that have to do with photography? Well, I know what I think is the best exposure setting for a picture but you may not agree. For example, I prefer the darker picture on the right, but the picture on the left is the “correct” exposure.

So, a good exposure is like a slide of pizza everyone knows what’s best. . . for himself and herself.

Speaking about exposure: we see colors differently at different times of day (and even after we drink coffee and Coke). So, once you find your best exposure for a file, revisit it on another day at another time. You may change your mind.

Also: Did you know that on some monitors the color and brightness is not the same throughout the screen? That’s good to know if you are serious about working on your images.

Finally, you monitor must be calibrated. I use the Colormunki – affordable and accurate.

Hey, I gotta go and grab a slice!