Photographer: Jordi Corbilla – Professional Portrait (explore)

Hello Photofocus community, Kristina Sherk here. Happy Monday!! That means it’s time for my favorite part of the week, Photographer of the Day! After spending a lot of time in the Photofocus Flickr community we have selected Jordi Corbilla for this week’s winner with this awesome portrait. While I am a professional retoucher, my main focus is headshot photography in DC, and I love to do environmental portraits like this one. Headshots are great but seeing a person in their natural environment can make the image so much more personal!

This shot is of a new doctor who just completed his degree in medicine! The natural light is so soft and beautiful, he is glowing! I think Jordi did a great job making this image professional but also something the viewer can connect with. This image has over 50,000 views, so I think people all over the place are connecting with it! I also love when photographers post a little background of the image in their description, I like to know the stories behind the images. This one certainly tells a story.

This shot was taken with an 85mm lens and very soft, natural light. He must have used a shallow depth of field to get that great bokeh effect in the background, that makes the doctor really stand out! Great job, Jordi!