I remember when I was just getting started with photography. I shot everything with natural light, or with an on-camera speedlight. Strobes honestly scared me, and rightfully so — there’s a lot that goes into using strobe lighting! But once I sat down and learned it, it was something that completely changed my photography for the better.

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About the course

In this course, Rich Harrington and Abba Shapiro give beginning photographers a brisk look at using strobe lights in a studio setting — lessons that easily translate to the field and locations, inside and out. Learn why shooting with strobes and continuous lighting makes such a big impact on your photographs, and how to buy a good, affordable starter kit. Rich and Abba also show how to set your gear up, trigger your lights and make modifications with accessories like reflectors, umbrellas and soft boxes. Finally, learn how to make the most of what you have in a series of lighting challenges.

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Lead photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash