Through the years Ive taught a lot of photographers. Ive witnessed their struggles to stay relevant and competitive. Ive also seen a lot of bad things happen to creative professionals. Making a living has never been harder.

But getting angry isn’t the answer.

Photography is about capturing the moments of life. We have a great responsibility to those we love and those we serve. It is our job to preserve memories and to be impassioned observers of life. If all you see is anger, you’ll miss out on the emotion and creativity needed to create beautiful images.

Without your pictures, think of all the memories that would fade. Whether its the birth of a child, the kiss on a wedding day, or even the mundane moments like a family get together.

Think about the injustices photography has brought into focus. The dangers some have faced capturing the truth and fighting corruption. Photojournalists and documentary storytellers make sure the world is more honest and that its secrets don’t get buried.

Artists inspire but to do so you need some balance. It is normal to feel emotion (anger included). But do not feed into anger or actively promote it. Question what you add by bashing others in a forum. If offering criticism, can it be constructive. If you have experience can you be a mentor (you’ll learn too from the process). What do you really get from complaining?

Don’t forget the power you hold in your hands. It is your talent that helps preserve the important memories of life.

Don’t let the bastards grind you down