Photography is a powerful storytelling tool in itself. But there’s one more thing you can do to give your work more impactful: share what’s happening behind the scenes. As we can see from most photographer-YouTubers, it’s a great tool for connecting with your audience and bringing extra value to what you do.

In the video above, UK-based portrait and travel photographer Tommy Reynolds talks about why it’s import for photographers to give their audience a glimpse of the process behind their work. He likens it to watching behind the scenes of a movie and getting a new perspective into all the hard work and mastery that went into it.

Behind the scenes video is perhaps the most popular way to share your creative process, but you’re definitely not limited to that. Instagram Stories and Live, for example, have also become very useful and engaging for many creatives.

He also adds that if you work with brands, you’ll find that they actually love behind the scenes videos included in the projects they commission. It allows them to have more content to share with their audience on social media and other platforms. So, why not do it to promote your own work as well?