Want a black background for your shoots? You can either use strobes and the right camera settings or go for a black backdrop. Both are tried and tested ways to either isolate your subject or add drama to portraits or product shots. But, what if you use the blackest black as a backdrop?

To satisfy our curiosity, Paris-based Mathieu Stern did a test shoot using one of the world’s blackest materials. The Visible Light Absorbing Flock Sheet made by KoPro. In the video above, he gives us a brief background about the material and what makes it blacker than the usual black backdrops. If you’ve heard about Vantablack, this flock sheet is even blacker than that (and it’s not exclusive to just one artist!). 

For his test shoot, he used the TTArtisan 50mm f/0.95 lens to let in the maximum amount of light. Then, he compared the results of the flock sheet against those shot with a regular black professional backdrop. He also shot a variety of subjects with different colors, and even included some quick footage. The results are interesting and definitely shows us the many different applications of this mind-blowing backdrop!

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