When we speak of photography composition, leading lines are surely among the first that come to mind. These are primarily known for drawing attention to the most important part/s in the frame. However, they are also instrumental to telling a story in a photo. So, it pays to be able to use leading lines well as part of our composition techniques.

Here’s where Sydney-based travel photographer Pat Kay‘s video above comes into the picture. Whether you’re just starting to do photography more seriously, or working to polish your composition skills, he offers a comprehensive look to help you understand how it works.

As Kay mentioned in his introduction, these lines, draw the eyes to the subject or most important part of the photo. He also added that leading lines don’t necessarily have to direct the viewer to a specific spot. It’s also about getting the eyes to move around the frame. This way, the viewer can follow or understand a dynamic composition. Then, he proceeded with some examples showing how simple yet skillful use of this technique can make photos more interesting.

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