Even if you don’t have any photoshoots in the pipeline, it’s always a great idea to prepare for future projects. That’s where you can use technology within your fingertips to your advantage. There’s virtually an app for everything, including planning for outdoor photoshoots! Here are four of the most useful for you to check out.

In the video above, UK-based freelance photographer Samuel Bassett of OpticalWander recommends four apps that he uses and why he finds them great for planning outdoor photoshoots. Sky Candy is a sunrise and sunset forecast app, which should come handy for taking advantage of golden hour light. Taking it a notch further is Sun Surveyor, a sun and moon guide that predicts and visualizes sunlight and shade all-year round for any site. Related to these two is Windy, anapp and website that you can use to check for weather and clouds. Lastly, Google Earth provides satellite and aerial imagery you can use for scouting locations without physically visiting the sites.

Have you used any of these apps before? Do you have any recommendations for other useful resources for planning outdoor photoshoots? Drop your recommendations in the comments below, or head to the Photofocus Community to start a discussion!