Setting Up Your Camera to Shoot Video

Have you ever wondered exactly which settings to choose to get the best video out of your DSLR or mirror less camera? In this video, I walk you through step

The Ultimate Camera Support Rail

Features The clamps are a safe way to attach any camera with an Arca-Swiss style plate. The rail has a built-in bubble level to get a straight shot. The clamps

What’s That Video Shot Called?

Thanks to Vanelli and Meghan Ryan-Harrington for the Behind the Scenes shots. When shooting a video project, there is a need to typically get multiple shots (or angles) of the

10 Quick Tripod Tips

To inspire you to get the most out of your tripod, I’ve collected 10 quick tips. Some of these belong to Scott Bourne while others are mine. I hope they

Photographing Couples With Just One Lens

In my previous post I showed how I capture love. Those tight passionate shots only make up a part of my engagement shoots. Here is the detail of my pre-wedding

DSLR Video, Terry White, and Matt Kloskowski — Photofocus Podcast 10/5/13

This week’s show is a triple feature… we tackle three areas of the photo industry that are hot topics. First up, Scott Bourne interviews Rich Harrington about how to get started in DSLR video. Rich Harrington then takes the microphone and talks to Terry White from Adobe about changes at Adobe as well as Terry’s photography. Our third segment, Melissa Niu interviews Matt Kloskowski of Kelby Training to find out about how the photo industry is evolving.

Is it Okay to Buy Used Lenses?

As I build out my camera kit, I find myself wanting to expand my options. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using used lenses. With a few caveats… Buy them

Why Use a GoPro Camera for Video

A popular camera that I like to keep in my back is the GoPro Hero3. While I don’t use it as my primary camera, I find it helpful lots of

Unboxing the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

This continues our look at the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. Make sure you check out Scott’s interview with Blackmagic Design. In this post, I literally unwrap the camera for the

Grip Gear & Safety

When shooting, there will be times when rigging a camera can become necessary. Perhaps its to get a great shot from a difficult angle or because the camera needs to

Beware! Lasers Can Kill Your Camera’s Sensor

A warning to all photographers and filmmakers — concert lasers can damage your very expensive camera sensor permanently! And, there’s some worry about your eyes as well, but I’ll leave that for another discussion.

Meet Scott and Rich at Photoshop World

Are you coming to Photoshop World? Its that time of year again when Photoshop World comes to Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. If you’ll be in town, you can catch

Why Edit Video in Adobe Photoshop?

When Adobe unveiled the robust video editing capabilities with Photoshop CS6, the response from many was a simple Why? In some regards this is a legitimate question as for most,