By now I am sure you have heard about Clubhouse. But if not — it’s an audio-only social media platform and it’s mobile app-based.

Basically, Clubhouse is a platform where you or anyone can host a talk on a virtual stage. You can allow anyone to join the conversation, raise their hands, ask questions and so on.

Since joining Clubhouse I’ve participated in numerous discussions and eased dropped in many as well. What I have found is really interesting and completely answers the age-old question …

Should photographers be on Clubhouse?

OK, so maybe the question isn’t very old at all. But still, I can answer this for you.

Before you go signing on with the invite you might have received, watch this video and then continue reading.

What I have found, from all the Clubhouse conversations I have listened to and been involved with through my time there, is that it may not be ideal for photographers.

Hear me out.

  • If you think you will find clients at Clubhouse, you are most likely incorrect.
  • If your clients are couples, families or newborns, you are less likely to find clients there.
  • However, if your clients are business people, speakers, educators or other entrepreneurs, then you might be in luck.

You see, the majority of the conversations at Clubhouse are about business or are educating audiences.

  • Sure there is a chance you might interact with a couple getting married and they fall in love with your work.
  • Sure, there is a chance you might meet a couple who want family photos and either live near you or can afford to have you travel to them.
  • Sure, you might interact with someone who just had a baby and loves your work enough to hire you to photograph their newborn.

But chances are, you won’t.

Photo by Dmitry Mashkin

Why should photographers join Clubhouse?

My take on it is this.

If you are looking for additional venues for learning about photography and the business then maybe Clubhouse is a good choice for you.

If you want to network with other people in your area, or in the industry, then maybe Clubhouse is a good choice for you.

Think about Clubhouse as an audio-only version of LinkedIn.

It’s a B2B style platform more than a B2C. That’s not to say you can’t find customers, but the chances are unless your business is a B2B business, you will be there more for the education and networking aspect.

If you have been on Clubhouse, do you agree or disagree? Comment with your thoughts.