April 24, 2008

Lens Baby…Baby

Dad Lindsay with Dynamic Depth of Field

Photos by Alex Lindsay

So, I finally got a Lens Baby for my 20D and I have to say, I’m addicted to it! There’s something very organic, and challenging, about the experience that really calls to me. My first event to shoot with the Lens Baby was my sister’s wedding over the weekend. I shared the camera with my 11 year-old son, Steven…who actually shot better images with it than I did (just in case you are concerned that it’s too complicated). The images here were shot by Steven.

The first is my father. What’s interesting is that the plane of focus is so skewed. The camera and the subject is in focus while things next to the subject are not. That kind of control is fascinating, for me.


The second is my Son, Malakhi. I love the depth of field on this shot. It’s like a fast lens but with something more organic mixed in. After my first weekend with the lens, I’m not sure what took me so long!

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  1. the effect on croped sensors is too small in my opninon.

  2. Hi Alex. what model did you get?


  3. Looks great Alex – I have been using the LensBaby since version 1.0 and love it. It’s truly addictive and particularly good for portraits. Small sensor or not in my opinion.

  4. Bonjour, I think that is interesting and I will probably try to get one of these lens. In your opinion, is the difference between versions 1 and 3 does it worth the difference in the cost?

  5. Alex you should try the DC or “Defocus Control” lenses. The allow you to control bokeh in front and behind the object of focus.

  6. I’ve been looking at LensBabies… they are on my must-have list.

    @Francois Hogue: The lensbabies website has a great breakdown on all the differences, but from what I can tell, it’s basically:
    1: Original design, some chromatic aberration, rubber gasket system for holding aperture rings
    2: Improved design, less chromatic aberration, easier magnetic system for aperture rings
    3: Like #2, but with fine adjustments, better for studio or precise/macro work.

  7. Thanks “univrsltransl8r” :
    I had a look to their web site but I was searching for that kind of summary.
    I will probably buy the second generation.

  8. wow, I’ll have to try this “lens baby”, look fun. Thanks for sharing Alex

  9. Alex, what advantage do you see to using the lens baby over defocusing the image with photo editing software?

  10. I’ve had a lensbaby 2.0 (that I use on a 350D) since December that I just pulled out again this past weekend. I had a good time photographing chickens.

  11. I have the 3G Lensbaby, and I love it. I love using the lens, because it makes me think about the shot I want to take, what I want in focus. I am a beginning to intermediate photographer, so having to compose my shot as I want to see it out of the camera is helpful to my learning process. I come from a visual effects background, so I understand I can do most things in post. As Alex wrote, I like the “organic” nature of it.

    @Francois Hogue: The 3G Lensbaby can be locked in to place once you find your focus. The other two must be held in place during the image capture to get your desired result.

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