Whether you’re at home with your kids, have had photoshoots canceled or just wondering what’s next, we hope that our latest project will help you fill the creative void. This week on The Artists’ Notebook, we’re discussing color and design theory, business skills and lighting.

Throughout the week you’ll be able to watch webinars, partake in live Q&A breakout sessions and read articles to get you inspired. All for free! Check out The Artists’ Notebook page for more.

Here’s today’s webinar schedule, for Tuesday, April 28, 2020. Thanks to ThinkTAP, Skylum, B&H, KEH and Lume Cube for their support with the project.

2:30 p.m.: “Inspired by Ansel — Black and White File Processing,” with Bob Coates

Ansel Adams would be a fan of digital imaging as evidenced by his quote from his 1985 autobiography – “If I could return in twenty years or so I would hope to see astounding interpretations of my most expressive images. It is true no one could print my negatives as I did, but they might well get more out of them by electronic means. Image quality is not the product of a machine, but of the person who directs the machine, and there are no limits to imagination and expression.”

We now have tools that allow almost infinite control of every tone in our images. Photoshop, Luminar 4, NIK Color Efex and Silver Efex Pro 2 are some of Bob’s favorite software programs for turning pixels to black and white. There are some new capture techniques to add depth to your images too. Join Bob as he shares many Photoshop processing techniques to make your black and white prints sing.

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