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Free Course on Portrait Photography

Learn Portrait Photography: The Basics with Levi Sim This course is free until 6/1/17. In this course, you’ll learn simple techniques for creating great portraits. Join photographer Levi Sim as

A Portrait Photographer’s Highest Responsibility

Weddings. Engagements. Pregnancies. Graduations. Professional portrait photographers are often invited into people’s lives at very special moments. Memorable moments. Moments of transition and transformation. As a headshot photographer, often my

Photographer of the Day – Steve Lavelle

Category: Portraits Photographer: Steve Lavelle – Vietnamese Lady Since I’m a new contributor here at PhotoFocus, I’ve been perusing the Photofocus Flickr community in order to highlight some of the group’s

Photographer of the Day – Jeremy VanderMeer

Category: Portraits Photographer: Jeremy VanderMeer – Sad Man Calling this portrait ‘striking’ is putting it lightly! This portrait just stopped me in my tracks! While Jeremy VanderMeer seems to predominantly

Photographer of the Day – George Prapas

Category: Portraits Photographer: George Prapas – GP_MG_8774 Hey guys! My name is Kristina Sherk and I’m a professional retoucher and portrait photographer from Washington DC. At our DC headshot studio, we