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Fun with macro photography in the yard

True macro photography is defined as the subject being life-size or larger than the object being photographed. I personally have a slightly looser definition. It means creating an image that

Canyonlands National Park

Photographer of the Day: Ken Childress

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ken Childress Photo: “Green River Overlook Sunset” One of the hardest things to do in a landscape photograph (in my opinion) is to capture the vastness of a scene

Abstract photo art from nature

Creating abstract photo art from nature is a wonderful way to turn a ho-hum overcast photo day into one that gets you some colorful décor imagery. Keep this in your

Outdoor photography at Oak Creek, part one

Outdoor photography encompasses a myriad of subjects from landscapes to avian creatures crossing the heavens above. I’ll be exploring this subject on a regular basis, sharing my gear selection, techniques,

Photographer of the Day: David Simon

Category: Outdoor Photographer: David Simon Photo: “Waterfall – Isle of Skye – Scotland” While I’m always a sucker for a good waterfall photo, it was the fantastic light that made

Photographer of the Day: Stéphane Hernandez

Category: Outdoors Photographer: Stéphane Hernandez “Cascade Moustier_1” I’m a sucker for waterfalls, but his beautiful photo caught my eye with its delicious painterly feel, and the hidden staircase winding up the

Photographer of the Day: sfowlerphotos

Category: Outdoors Photographer: sfowlerphotos “textures of the edge of the world” This aptly named photo is all about textures. The black and white treatment serves to remove the distractions of color,

Photographer of the Day: Tassanee

Category: Outdoors Photographer: Tassanee “Celestial” I think the key to a great Milky Way shot is having a strong foreground to provide a sense of scale and wonder. I think Tassanee

Photographer of the Day: Martin Bishop

Category: Outdoors Photographer: Martin Bishop “Fishing Boat Anchored in Cullercoats Bay” There is beauty in simplicity, and our Photographer of the Day, Martin Bishop, has done a great job of creating

A Tip from Hollywood: Outdoor Portrait

Mike “Hollywood” Kubeisy sent me an image of an outdoor portrait setup when he was on the set of NCIS. I analyzed the image and came up with a few setup tips.

Bill Fortney – Outdoor Photographer & Author

Editors Note: You can catch Bill Fortney at this year’s Photoshop World in Las Vegas. Bill Fortney is one of America’s premier photographers specializing in Landscape, close-up, nature, Americana, and

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