The new Perfectly Clear Complete and Essentials is now Shipping!

For existing version 3 customers it’s a FREE upgrade (just launch the Apps Manager or run the plugin to get the update).

If you need the plugin (or now standalone app) here’s a Photofocus exclusive offer that will save you some cache and give you free and discounted presets.


Perfectly Clear is Now A Stand-Alone Application! 

Perfectly Clear now works as a stand-alone application.

  • Open RAW and traditional photos directly
  • Crop to whatever size you need
  • Print your photos
  • Export to popular file formats for sharing


Visual Presets

Want to see what your presets will look like without even having to apply them?  Our preset browser has a new icon view.  You can now see each preset group as useful thumbnail icons.  You’ll see what the preset looks like without even having to apply it.  See one you like? Just click its thumbnail to try it out.

Visual LOOKs

Our unique LOOKs technology makes it easy to apply digital film stocks, creative color grades and more.  You can also quickly browse the results of different LOOKs without having to apply one by one. The LOOKs browser is a quick way to preview and choose the image of your choice. Do you like the list view for organizing or searching? It’s still there! They’ve got you covered however you want to work!

Preset & LOOKs Favorites

With so many great presets and LOOKs, chances are you’ll find your favorites.  They’d like you not to have to search for those each time.  Simply click the hollow star icon to mark a favorite.  Now they’re automatically added to the Favorites group at the top of the LOOKs and Presets browser.  Want to save more time?  You can load your Favorites Preset set in the top toolbar.

Graduated Filters

Are you a landscape photographer?  It’s easier now than ever before to make specific details in an image pop! Landscape and travel photographers will love being able to adjust the sky and foreground independently.  Plus they offer powerful options to control the transition between the adjustments (even allowing a neutral zone).  You can easily move and rotate the graduated filter into precise position.

Once placed you can target specific areas for editing. All of our finishing tools plus our targeted sky and foliage enhancers work with the new Graduated filter.  Boost the vibrancy of a blue sky, darken the foreground and enhance the foliage––all without changing the main focus of your image!

Stylistic Vignette and Radial Filters

Portrait and product photographers will be happy too with our new Radial filter.  It’s easy than ever to make an elliptical selection and apply adjustments inside or outside the target.  Make lighting tweaks or stylistic vignettes.  They’ve included several useful presets in the tool to jumpstart your creativity.

Filmstrip for Easy Navigation

If you use Perfectly Clear with Lightroom or as a standalone application, it’s easy to open up more than one photo at a time. This makes it simple to develop the whole shoot or just fix your favorites.  Be sure to use the filmstrip to switch between any open photo for quick adjustment.

Manual Finishing Controls

Want even more control over your final image? They’ve added precise controls for fine-tuning your Perfectly Clear results.  Keep complete control over your photo editing workflow with the adjustment sliders you’re familiar with.  You can tweak the color and tone of your photo with precision, including advanced controls for Shadows and Highlights.  Give your image a final pass before saving to get exactly the results you want.

NOTE: If you need the plugin (or now standalone app) here’s a Photofocus exclusive offer that will save you some cache and give you free and discounted presets.