ON1 recently announced their upcoming software, Photo RAW, and it sounds like it may be a really good solution for most photographers (read more about the features here). They are striving to make the best RAW photo editor, which is a big claim. However, they’ve just announced a project that makes it look possible.

The Photo RAW Project is intended to gather and develop tools that will meet that the needs and desires of us photographers. To that end, ON1 are inviting everyone to suggest ideas, and when enough people support the idea, they will begin making it a reality. Many of these ideas may not be ready for the Fall launch of Photo RAW, but they are promising to continue working on them.

You can add to the ideas at this link. There are already several ideas submitted, and some are already in development, which may mean they were already underway which in turn may mean ON1 is already in tune with some of the needs photographers feel are unfulfilled.

What do you think of this “Project”? Is this a great way to meet our needs? Have you ever participated in something like this? Is this just free research? Does it matter? Let me know in the comments.