One of my favorite tools in Photoshop is one that is great if you’re wanting a quick smart selection of a single object in your photograph. Since I enjoy doing composites by copying, pasting and compositing multiple photos and imagery, I use this tool very often.

To demonstrate this tool, lets use our furry friend, the deer.

In the sidebar, the Quick Selection Tool.

By dragging your mouse across the selection you’d like to select, Photoshop will utilize it’s smart awareness and choose an overall selection of what needs to be selected. In this case, the deer is a completely separate pixel color as the snow so it was a little easy for it to depict the selection. (I’ve highlighted the selection in red for demonstration purposes)

Once you’ve made your selection, you can zoom in to see how accurate the selection is.

If you notice in the selection above, there are parts of the antlers that need to be selected and there are parts that need to be deselected.

To subtract from the selection, click on the icon with the minus sign.

To go back to adding to the selection, click on the icon with the plus sign.

Also remember to control the size of your brush for bigger and smaller selections. If you have any other ways that you enjoy making quick selections, let us know in the comments below.