While Photoshop on the iPad had a lot of anticipation when it was launched, there were some disappointing reviews from users who expected certain features to be there, that just weren’t. This morning, Adobe announced plans to address some of these concerns. The company released a blog post outlining their plans to add some big features for Photoshop on the iPad in the coming months.

This year

Adobe is planning to bring its biggest feature from Photoshop 2020 for the desktop to the iPad version — Select Subject. This allows users to automatically select the subject of an image, which helps to speed up complex selections. This was previewed at Adobe MAX, so it’s good to see this powerful feature is coming to the iPad in short order.

Adobe is also enhancing its Cloud Documents feature, making it faster than ever before. This new system saves your documents between all versions of Photoshop so that you can seamlessly work across devices. Furthermore, every change is saved to the cloud, but it only saves the individual changes you make. For instance, if you change just one pixel f a file, only that pixel syncs to the cloud. This allows for faster syncing, and also for users to rest a bit more at ease when using cellular data plans.

First half of 2020

The company is also planning several updates to release new features and options in the first half of 2020.

Refine Edges

The Refine Edges brush, which allows you to make complex, soft edge selections, is coming to the iPad version. This is a great tool for making selections on things like hair and fur.

Curves and Adjustment Layer options

Curves will be added, allowing for tonal adjustments to be made to documents. Adjustment Layers are also getting enhanced in several ways. For example, Levels will get features like adjusting by color range and more.

Brush sensitivity and Rotate Canvas

Photoshop on the iPad is bringing brush sensitivity options from its Adobe Fresco app, which is great for all types of documents, including photos. The ability to rotate your canvas is also coming.

Lightroom integration

With this new capability, you’ll be able to process RAW images in Lightroom and then take them further into Photoshop, similarly to what you’d do on desktop devices.

Give your feedback

Adobe is asking for feedback from Photoshop on the iPad users, to help shape what comes next! Visit feedback.photoshop.com to get started.