While on a recent visit to Seattle, I stopped by the EMP Museum. This place is a treasure trove for those into popular culture. Music, film, science fiction and more. A great sculpture in the lobby is called IF VI WAS IX. It contains more than 500 musical instruments and 30 computers. The sculpture was designer Neal Potter and developed by sound sculptor Trimpin.

I wanted a shot to capture the magnitude of this sculpture. The challenge was filling the frame. I made the decision to go low and shoot from beneath the statue. Please forgive the lowlight nature of the behind the scenes photos shot by a patient family member.

Once I got the angle I wanted, I placed the camera against a ridge in the floor plate to brace it. I also used the self-timer in the camera to trigger the shot. Once I pressed the shutter release, the camera waited two-seconds to fire the series of bracketed shots.

For such an over the top sculpture… I pushed the HDR processing. This is stronger than I usually go, but it is Rock-N-Roll after all. The 5 image bracket was opened and post-processed with Photomatix, then finished in Photoshop CC.


If you’re in the Seattle area, I’d definitely make the museum a stop. It’s a great place to visit.