Focusing on how we’re more alike th an different, Adobe has announced a new project — #LifeReflected — in partnership with photographer Andre D. Wagner and others.

The project was born out of a survey by Adobe, which found that 56 percent of. people believe that the photos they saw in the news over the past year have made them feel more divided than connected. In response, Adobe has teamed up with Wagner and three other photographers to develop a set of one-word prompts on Instagram and Twitter, to inspire people to share their photos and help curate a #LifeReflected photo album.

Ninety percent of people agree that a photo has the power to connect them to others. Adobe hopes that #LifeReflected will help to show the similarities that we share in our daily lives.

In addition to Wagner, who is a street photographer that spotlights the American social landscape, Valheria Rocha, Laylah Amatullah Barrayn and James Anthony will help to curate the project.

From now until April 16, 2021, you can share your unedited photos on Instagram or Twitter, using inspiration and direction from one of the hashtags outlined. You can see the full list of hashtags on Adobe’s blog, which should accompany the master hashtag of #LifeReflected.

A select number of photos will be chosen by Adobe and Wagner, who will then edit and enhance the images using Lightroom, complemented by video tutorials to help explain the process.