(Editor’s Note: Scott Wyden Kivowitz is the Chief Community Officer at Imagely.)

Although Imagely makes WordPress plugins and themes for photographers, their roots trace back to humanitarian work. It always has and will continue to be. One way that the company gives back is to support incredible environmental and humanitarian photography projects.

For years this was called the Photocrati Fund until the company rebranded as Imagely.

Now, in its seventh year, the Imagely Fund has raised its stakes from one $5,000 grant to two $5,000 grants. Instead of having to choose between an environmental or a humanitarian project to aware the grant to, Imagely is offering one for each category.

To top it off, Imagely has its first female judge — Ami Vitale — whose projects have been inspirational for so many years. Vitale joins Jim Brandenburg and Steve Winter as the 2019 Imagely Fund judges.


If you’ve followed the Imagely Fund over the years, you’ve seen some heartwarming projects stunning photographs. This year’s photography grants are going to projects and photographs that continue the journey — the ones making a difference and the ones that touch at our heartstrings the most.

Erick Danzer, the CEO of Imagely, says:

“I believe photography can have a profound positive impact on the world. A single great image can move people and capture the urgency of a crisis. I also know firsthand how hard it can be to fund worthy causes that have no immediate commercial value. We started the Imagely Fund to support photographers who are undertaking important projects that can move the needle of public awareness for major humanitarian or environmental issues.”

Here is a look at the past winners and finalists.

If you would like to learn more about the Imagely Fund or apply for the grant, you can do so here.

Submissions close in August so be sure to get your project submitted as soon as possible.