Every weekday, Photofocus curators share a great photograph taken by one of our readers. To kick off 2020, we got rid of the categories, opening up our Photographer of the Day feature to any type of photograph! If you haven’t submitted yours yet, be sure to do that in our Flickr group.

As dedicated writers for Photofocus, we come across a lot of photographs. The photographs we choose every week have not only impressed us, but they’ve also inspired and invigorated, giving us new ideas on how to approach our own work — and we hope that does the same for our readers, too. Our curator for the week explains what they love about the images they choose for the week, offering quick thoughts to help each of us become more aware of what’s in an image and why it’s successful.

Every Sunday, the Photofocus Photographer of the Week is selected from the week’s five photographs highlighted as the Photographer of the Day. Whether an image speaks to you or not, we value your thoughts, comments and look forward to further engaging in discussion.

This week’s featured photographs

Curator: Kevin Ames

Crusty da Klown

"Faintly you surround me" earns Crusty Da Klown Photographer of the Day honors on Photofocus
Photographer: Crusty Da Klown

Read curator Kevin Ames’ post on Crusty Da Klown. You can be a Photographer of the Week for Photofocus too! Click here to learn how to submit your images to our team.