Last time we put the spotlight on Skander Khlif, we looked at the nostalgic summer memories captured by the Munich-based photographer in stunning black and white. This time, let’s dive into the relaxing seaside hues and charming beach town vibes of his beautiful travel photos showcasing Djerba island in Tunisia.

If you haven’t been bitten by the travel bug in a while, I’m sure this collection will get you itching for some seaside adventure. At a time when a good portion of the world is still looking forward to the next big adventure, Skander’s travel snaps do well to remind us of the stunning locations that are waiting for us.

The island of 365 mosques

Skander’s travel photos show us enough reasons to put Djerba island on our bucket list, but he also shared a few other tidbits that make it an interesting destination. Among these is the trivia that there are 356 mosques in the island, allowing locals to pray in a different mosque each day.

Some travelers have noted that there are actually 380 mosques today, and as Skander also mentioned, many of these were built underground to escape baking heat. I think I can sense a new travel photography project in the making!

Not sure which mosque to begin with? He suggests checking out Sidi Yati Mosque, which is the most popular and among the oldest, built in the 9th century. Of course, he didn’t miss the chance to photograph the iconic landmark, which looks striking and serene against the deep blues and turquoise of the sky and the sea in the background.

A documentary touch to travel photography

With Skander being primarily guided by his skills and sensibilities as a documentary photographer, it’s not surprising to find it manifesting in this collection of travel photos. Apart from the azure hues and pasty white buildings, he also treats us to slices of life on the beach town. Vacationers enjoying their time on the beach and locals going about their daily activities give us contrasting yet complementing views of how busy and lively the island can get.

Of course, he also had to include a bunch of punchy black and white snaps to add a classic documentary look in this series. I think it still worked great for this series since he picked some fitting subjects and angles for it. Overall, it’s a good example of a photographer covering all his bases when it comes to all the visual storytelling styles that was available to him during his trip.

Make sure to check out Skander Khlif’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his impressive photography.

All photos by Skander Khlif. Used with Creative Commons permission.