Category: Street.

Photograph: “Long legs” by Pierre Pichot (username “Pierre Pichot” on Flickr).

Originally shared on the Photofocus Flickr community right here.

Why I picked this image: 

This image is an artistic street photo that stands out to me in many ways. At the first look, it is a well composed, backlit silhouette photo with the main subjects well spaced in the frame. But if you look closer you’ll also see the long shadow of the woman in the front. The shadow’s legs are more than 5 times longer than they actually are. It reminds me of the bronze sculptures from the famous Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti that you may be familiar with.

The main shadow is also perfectly placed and naturally framed at the bright square bottom at the end of the stairs while the woman is still in the middle of the stairs. And if you look even closer you will see that the shadow looks like the woman’s arms are to her sides, but this is an optical illusion by the jacket that she wears over her shoulders. She is actually typing on her smartphone ;)

Remember to always look closer at a scene or a photo


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