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Photofocus with Special Guest Robert Vanelli (aka V)

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Photographer of the Day: Robertino Radovix

Category: Street Photography Photograph: “Untitled” by Robertino Radovix Robertino was very observant when he captured this image. The incidences of a little kitten in a street scene along with the man’s battered

Photographer of the Day: Robert Armstrong

Category: Children Photograph: “Wonderful” by Robert Armstrong Robert captured a great expression and pose from this little girl. The shallow depth of field keeps the viewer’s attention on her beautiful face.

Lighting a portrait with a speedlight

Speedlights are a great lighting solution for portability. Much less power than studio strobes and no modeling lamp to see where the light is falling on your subject can make

The best way to organize your photos

Organizing your photos don’t seem important until you need to find them fast. In this video from Developing a naming convention for your files from Learning ON1 Photo RAW by

Using diffusers or silks to soften light

Sometimes having too much light is just as bad as not having enough light. This LinkedIn Learning video will show you how to use a diffuser or silk to soften harsh light to produce a pleasing image.

Shooting with a Beauty Dish

From the course: Improving Your Photography and Portraits with Lighting Modifiers Shooting with a beauty dish from Improving Your Photography and Portraits with Lighting Modifiers by Robert Vanelli   Course transcript