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Photographer of the Day: Lauri Novak

Category: Freedom Photographer: Lauri Novak Photo: “Long May She Wave Comp” Aah, the red, white and blue. It defines a country so much, and this capture by Lauri shows the flag

Photographer of the Day: Lauri Novak

Category: Snow Photographer: Lauri Novak Photo: “Arctic Ice & Mountains” Lauri’s photograph of the icebergs around the Spitsbergen archipelago in Norway is perfect, highlighting the movement that winter creates in the

Photographer of the Day: Lauri Novak

Category: Travel Photographer: Lauri Novak “The Modern Wing Art Institute Chicago” Photographer of the Day Lauri Novak has a great eye for architecture. I love the symmetry of the lines,

Photographer of the day: Lauri Novak

Category: Street. Photograph: “Hanging in the balance” by Lauri Novak (username “Lauri Novak” on Flickr). Originally shared on the Photofocus Flickr community right here. Why I picked this image:  Street photography is a

Photographer of the Day: Lauri Novak

Category: Architecture Photograph: Calder Flamingo BW Perspective Okay…okay…It’s true. I’m a sucker for black and white architecture! Kidding aside, Lauri beautifully contrasted Calder’s Flamingo in Chicago against a clean sky, vignetted


Is safety becoming an issue in photography?

Safety while out on photowalks, professional photoshoots and when we’re out, is on our minds. Over the last several years there have been more and more stories of photographers being

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