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This week’s show is a triple feature… we tackle three areas of the photo industry that are hot topics. First up, Scott Bourne interviews Rich Harrington about how to get started in DSLR video. Rich Harrington then takes the microphone and talks to Terry White from Adobe about changes at Adobe as well as Terry’s photography. Our third segment, Melissa Niu interviews Matt Kloskowski of Kelby Training to find out about how the photo industry is evolving.

Getting Started with DSLR Video

Scott Bourne asks Rich about the 10 hardest things photographers need to know when switching to video.  Rich shares practical advice for all levels of shooters and offers insight on how to overcome tough challenges.

Scott and Rich discuss:

  • Why tripods are a must
  • Panning & tilting to add motion
  • Which camera settings to use
  • The exposure triangle explained for video and how it’s different from shooting stills
  • Recording lengths and why they are restricted
  • What are “handles”
  • Getting great audio (and why it’s just as important as the video)
  • Why focus is really hard
  • The 180˚ Rule
  • Story telling: Photography verses video

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Terry White

Terry White – Worldwide Design Evangelist for Adobe Systems, Inc. In his job, he leads the charge of getting customers excited and educated about  Adobe Creative Cloud products and services. Terry is an Adobe Certified Expert. He has been active in the industry for over 25 years and is the founder and president of MacGroup-Detroit.

Rich and Terry discuss:

  • What does Terry do with Adobe
  • How Adobe saw the creative process changing
  • How creative professionals have been asked to do more
  • What is happening as content creators have access to more tools
  • Three myths about Creative Cloud debunked
  • Where Terry finds his creativity
  • Terry’s advice to learning software
  • Advice to those feeling creatively overwhelmed
  • Where to find Terry

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Matt Kloskowski

Matt Kloskowski is a full-time Education Director for Kelby Media Group and a Tampa-based photographer. He’s the Editor of Lightroom Magazine and teaches Photoshop and Lightroom seminars around the world.

  • Matt’s official job at Kelby Training (besides hosting podcasts and blogging)
  • How the past 10 years has changed the way Kelby Media has done business
  • Why video plays such an important role in the creative industry
  • The difference between technique-based and result-based learning
  • The changes photography is going through
  • Why it’s okay to break the rules?
  • How to succeed as a photo educator in today’s market
  • The Future of Kelby Training
  • What is Matt’s passion with photography?
  • Where to find Matt
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UPDATE: We’ve heard from a few listeners that their iTunes feed is not refreshing.  We’re looking into the issue.  In the meantime, you’ll find the episode here and here.


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  2. […] Harrington sat down with Terry on our latest podcast for some in-depth chat about Adobe and the myths about Creative Cloud.  Terry also gives his […]

  3. Great show but you missed a key concept to be aware of when shooting DSLR video and considering a camera. I learned this the painfully hard way and too late. I purchased a Sony NEX 7 thinking it was a “hybrid” camera. Wrong!!! The first time I tried shooting longer than 8 minute clips, the sensor overheated and shut down. Every time. I’d never heard of this. Reviews of the camera were always raves and never mentioned this. But a quick web search revealed a rampant problem that Sony has yet to address. I had gotten a bunch of lenses and expensive ad dons and sold the whole batch at a loss one year later. I’ll never buy another Sony.

    • We only had so much time ;). But I’ve also had pro video cameras over heat. If you’re shooting in a particularly hostile environment, its possible with any camera. I’ve never had my Nikon, Olympus, or Panasonic shut down this way. We had a first generation Canon 7D shut down twice… but firmware updates addressed.

      With that said… These are not cameras for shooting a long form event. We discussed recording limits and that you shouldn’t roll too long. For things like interviews I tend to break between questions (but have rolled for 30 minutes plus in past).

      Like all gear in critical situations, I’d carry two bodies. For most users in most situations this isn’t an issue.’

      Thanks for post.

  4. […] from top trainers like Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, Peter Hurley, Moose Peterson, Tamara Lackey, Matt Kloskowski, and Dave […]


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