I have started using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 in addition to Aperture. One of the big advantages in Lightroom is the ability to use Presets. Presets are one-button corrections to images that offer you time-saving, powerful post-processing applications without requiring you to know much about the mechanics in the background.

One of the things I personally like in my images is POP! Back in the film days I used to shoot Fuji Velvia to get that extra punch of color.

So I created a Lightroom Preset that brings some POP to my photos with one click. If you look at the wolf photo above, you can see it is a bit drab. The photo below is the AFTER picture with my Lightroom Preset – AutoTonePop applied.

If you like this effect, (I realize not everyone will) feel free to download the free Preset. Consider it my holiday gift. I make no warranty on this Preset. Use it as is, at your own risk. I also can’t take time to provide any tech support.


Depending on everyone’s reaction, I might continue to build and distribute these free Lightroom Presets here on Photofocus.

Here’s a basic primer on how to install the Preset.

Go to the Presets Pane in the Develop module. Click on the plus button on the right side of the pane. Install a new presets folder – call it ScottBournePresets. Right click  (Control Click on a Mac) on ScottBournePresets folder and select import. Go to your hard disk or whichever place you have saved the preset. Click the preset and then click on IMPORT and the preset will be added to the folder.

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