Photos by Steve Simon

I mentioned on the latest episode of TWIP that I was back from Rwanda, where I continue my project called The Grandmother Spirit.

I was inspired by the many Grandmothers I had met in Africa, who have lost their own children and have taken on the challenge of raising the Grandchildren, with very little resources or help.

I was lucky enough to have a borrowed D3, which I have to tell you is the best camera I have ever used. For the first time, I could easily ramp up the ISO dial to whatever sensitivity I needed and know that the results would be technically beautiful, certainly at 3200 and even at 6400. This is not to say that I would use these settings that often, but it’s nice to know that whatever the photographic challenge is in front of you, you have the tool to be able to deal with it and bring back strong images.

In the film days, I don’t think the ASA dial would go beyond 6400—and that top number really wasn’t a practical option. It is today however, and as developments and innovations continue—things are only going to get better.

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  1. Really nice photos Steve, could you give a little more info on them? ISO setting, Aperture, Shutter Speed, lens? Thanks.

  2. As someone who has spent some time in Africa I can really appreciate what you are going. The last time I went I put together a calendar to help raise funds and awareness for a small mission in Old Mutare, Zimbabwe. It was a huge success for me. I hope you have as much success with The Grandmother Spirit. Keep up the great work both in Africa and in the podcast.

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  4. The top shot was ISO 1250, the bottom one ISO 3200. Both with 24-70 at 2.8. SS

  5. Thanks Steve, ISO 3200 is unbelievable!!!

  6. Wonderful idea…beautiful shots.

  7. Wow, great pictures Steve! Please let us know where the rest will be published.

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