There is no right and wrong, there is only interesting, and less interesting.

Sam Mendes

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Time flies and things change. The Internet was a baby 25 years ago and the multitude of photo-related forums didn’t exist. So photographers joined camera clubs (the original photo “meet-up” groups) and discussed common interests. As I recollect those days, it strikes me how much the conversations have changed. While I am sure SOMEONE was […]

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We’d like to better understand our readership so we can develop new tutorials and resources for you.  Please choose which specialty forms of photography you’d like to see coverage on here at Photofocus.  This list is not exhaustive, and you’re welcome to choose multiple items. Feel free to also add other items into the comments. […]

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LIFE recently came out with a beautiful new book, an illustrated tome about the classy, exuberant life of Tony Bennett, singer and gentleman extraordinaire. Continue reading


Melissa Niu of Photofocus sits with commercial photographer Tim Wallace about storing his equipment and traveling to his clients.

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At first blush, you may think this is a post about birds or even music. You’d be wrong. It’s about how one person SAW things that most people wouldn’t. And the lesson is that ALL of us who use a camera need THIS kind of vision if we really want to succeed in photography. I […]

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Understanding Photoshop is a biweekly column that takes an in-depth look at how digital photographs are built and manipulated.  It is a college-level course in plain english for free at Photofocus.  To learn more see this article. Don’t Skip Column 3 Mastering Photoshop’s Interface Photoshop’s interface can be pretty intimidating. Among all those panels, tools, and menu commands […]

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