Win a New Canon 7D Mk II & Two Day Pass to the Capture Your Moment Photo Symposium from Arizona Highways Photo Workshops & Photofocus UPDATE! Some of you have asked for a simpler way to enter the contest – here it is. Follow @azfotoworkshops on Twitter – Follow @photofocus on Twitter. Then send this tweet […]

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We have two free Google Hangout events this week (you don’t need to be a Google+ member to watch). Mind Your Own Business —Tuesday, May 26, 2015 Don’t miss our next Google Hangout. The event is today.  It’s absolutely free to attend thanks to Adobe. It starts at 2PM Eastern/11AM Pacific. Note: We’ll be giving away a copy of […]

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Tens of millions of cameras are sold every year. More than one billion people around the world own a camera or a smart phone with a camera. Billions of photographs are made weekly. How are your photos any different or better than those made by everyone else? Why would anyone want to look at YOUR images? […]

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This week’s podcast answers several questions from Photofocus listeners and readers.  Host Richard Harrington sits down with Robert Vanelli to tackle your questions.

Join Melissa Niu of Photofocus and sports photographer Dave Black as they go over the essential gear used on a recent advertising campaign for the Rio Olympics.

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A key ingredient to any video project is an interview.  As photographers, adding a talking subject to your next video montage or slideshow takes it to the next level.  It can add a story to your project, and stories are what people want to watch. One of the most common video projects I’m hired to […]

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Videos slideshows are a powerful way to show pictures, and I think Instagram offers a unique opportunity. The thing is, my clients love to watch a slideshow of themselves, but few other people are willing to watch a long slideshow these days. Instagram has a 15 seconds limit on slideshows, though, and that’s just about […]

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Hey young artists… the biggest lie you could tell yourselves right now is that you don’t need to learn the business stuff.

Learn it.

— Jeremy Cowart