Digital assets, photos, videos and music are valuable and much more vulnerable than film, tape or vinyl. A hard drive failure can wipe out years of memories not to mention music and movies. Remember, all hard drives die. Learn how your data can survive!

Preserving digital assets webinar this Thursday at 3:00 p.m. EDT/Noon PDT

There are solutions to protect our valuable files living on computers or external drives.

During this webinar your host, Kevin Ames, Photofocus managing editor and Drobo Pro Ambassador, teams up with industry expert and Director of Products for Drobo, Nick Manocha to share the best practices on how to protect your valuable digital assets.


  • Where assets are currently stored and potential issues
  • Storage options
    • External drives (a.k.a. JBOD)
    • RAID volumes
  • JBOD explained
  • Types of RAID
  • Protected storage and how it works
  • Backups and how it differs from protected storage
  • How to move from JBOD to protected storage

Join in Thursday at 3:00 p.m. EDT/Noon PDT


Two participants will receive a copy of Luminar 3. Two copies of “The DAM Book” by Peter Krogh will also be given away. Winners must be online during the webinar to claim the prize.

This webinar is sponsored by Drobo. Receive 10% off your purchase on with the coupon code PHOTOFOCUS.