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Lightroom FAQ: Updating Process Version

This tip will mainly apply to people who have been using Lightroom since the early days. When Lightroom 3 came out we were given a new Process Version (which is

Lightroom FAQ: Moving Basics

Using Lightroom for all of your basic file management tasks accomplishes two things: It gets the job done. It keeps the catalog in sync with the changes. This is why

Lightroom FAQ: Update Folder Location

This is useful function to know about if you are wanting to move a folder (or even your entire photo Library) from one drive to another drive. For example, say you

Lightroom FAQ: The Catalog Panel

This is an often misunderstood or completely overlooked panel, but it has some useful functions once you take a closer look. The most important thing to know about this panel

Lightroom FAQ: Thumbnail Badges

There are 5 badges that can appear on a thumbnail in the Grid view of the Library module or on the thumbs in the Filmstrip. From left to right: The

Lightroom FAQ: Additional External Editors

By default, the latest version of Photoshop becomes the primary external editor for Lightroom. If you go to Preferences > External Editing, you will see it listed at the top.

Lightroom FAQ: Edit in Photoshop Options

In a typical workflow, you might start in Lightroom with a raw photo, then send a copy with Lightroom adjustments (Photo > Edit In > Edit in Photoshop) for additional

Lightroom FAQ: Where did that thing go?

A week doesn’t go by that I don’t hear from someone who is struggling to find something that has seemingly vanished from Lightroom. In the interest of helping you avoid

Lightroom FAQ: What are Smart Collections?

Smart collections allow you to harness the power of the database inside of Lightroom by leveraging the information contained in your photo’s metadata.  Plus, any additional data you may have

Lr FAQ: How do I Backup my Lightroom Edits?

When you make edits in Lightroom, those changes are usually stored in your Lightroom catalog settings.  That’s useful right?  But not always.  What happens if the catalog is lost or

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