Evolution of a Glamour Image

Evolution of a Glamour Image in Post

Great Glamour Starts with Light but Finishes with Luminosity One of the concepts I stress most with my students is that photography is all about the play of lights and

The Importance of Portraits

I tell anyone who listens that printing your photos is so incredibly important. Anything from snapshots of a sleeping child, to wedding photos and portraits need to be turned into

Using V-Flats with Backlit Portraits

When using backlighting in an image, the first thing to decide on the light source. For beauty portraits, I prefer to use natural light, as it has a soft and

Free Portrait Retouching Webinar

I’m a full-time people photographer–my living depends on me making portraits of people that represent them in the best way possible. I study lighting and posing techniques to get the

Your First Glamour Shoot – NSFW

Guest Post & Photo by Joe Farace Developing a good working relationship with your model begins from the first moment you meet at the casting sessionbefore the shot but nowhere

Seven Tips on Posing Glamour Models

Guest Post & Photo by Joe Farace One of a photographers most important skill sets for creating glamour photographs is knowing how to pose models. When working with beginning models,

Eight Fast Tips for Better Glamour Photographs

Guest Post & Photo by Joe Farace Many photographers are intrigued at the prospect of creating glamour photographs but may feel that a lack of “proper” equipment makes this goal

A Crash Course in Glamour Photography

A Crash Course in Glamour Photograph Guest Post & Photo by What do I need? How much will it cost? Why are models so expensive? Do girls hate me? Those