Photography is all about creativity and… well, sometimes I get stuck because my creativity just isn’t flowing. Inspiration comes in many forms. This time, for me, it was in the free photo toolbox from Photofocus. Take a look at what the toolbox’s camera profiles can do.

Get a free photo toolbox from Photofocus
Get the Photofocus photo toolbox absolutely free.

Camera profiles are custom creative starting points!

The photo toolbox has special camera profiles for both Photoshop and Lightroom. These one-click profiles are for Camera Raw in Photoshop and Bridge. They work in Lightroom’s Develop module too. By adjusting the sliders in either application the effects become your own custom creative expression of your photos. Here are some versions I made of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis with the profiles in the photo toolbox.

Now I have lots of options to work with. That boosts my creative flow. Compare the photo’s below to the original in the opening photo of this post.

There are 20 profiles in the free photo toolbox. Get yours today.

Photos of the Gateway Arch ©Kevin Ames