Hi! My name is Kevin Ames. I am a managing editor here at Photofocus and we are looking for new writers to add to our team. We want writers who love photography, love to share and want to help their fellow photographers. We welcome new voices. Are you one of them?

Your work will be seen by many and it will help the community of photography. There are some pretty nice perks and a little extra cash as well.

Who we want

  • Photographers who want to share their love of making pictures — Street? Fashion? Portraits? Food? Weddings? What is your passion? Tell your stories and techniques to our readers.
  • Photography and video software gurus — You can help others get the most out of their post-production. We’re looking for tips and tricks not to mention timesaving and creative workflows.
  • Passionate teachers — Photofocus is free education for photographers, still and video. Our readers want to know how to create awesome imagery. Do you believe in giving back and sharing with others? If you do, apply today.
  • Photographers who will commit — in order to participate in revenue sharing on the website, we ask you to write three articles a month.

What’s in it for you

  • Teamwork — we have a great team of editors and writers who will help you learn the ropes and provide story ideas.
  • Access to new products — we get great products and software that our writers review.
  • Major exposure — regular writers get additional exposure both on Photofocus as well as with social media and newsletter blasts that raise their profile.
  • Extra revenue — Photofocus shares our revenue with our writers based on their views. No one is going to make a full-time living writing for us, but extra revenue is available for those who write regularly.

Get started by sending us an email

  1. Send your email to [email protected] and [email protected]
  2. Please include three writing samples. We prefer samples to links. 400 to 800 words is perfect.
  3. Send us a link to your photo portfolio or your website. Instagram is good too as long as it shows us what you and do.

We want writers who are real photographers and software experts who want to share their tips and skills.

Who needs not apply

DO NOT EMAIL US if you are an SEO blogger, clickbait artist or a spam blogger.

The outshot

All of the content you enjoy on Photofocus comes from our team of serious beginners, knowledgeable amateurs and seasoned professional photographers. We want you to join us, no matter what your level in photography. We embrace a large community. There is plenty of room for your voice. Join us, won’t you?

“Information” photo-illustration ©2019 Kevin Ames