I thought I’d share that I’ll be one of the instructors at the week-long Texas School of Photography in April. The Texas School is a Professional Photographers of America affiliate school. It is billed as “The Best Little Photography School in the World.” It’s a great experience in learning photography. Texas School of Photography has a plethora of instructors (36), a thousand or more photographers with plenty of partying.

What’s in my class at Texas School of Photography?

Through discussion and hands on learning, this week promises a whirlwind of imagery and education. You can check out my article in “The Photographer.” Nature is in the wide scope of study including macro, floral, animal, landscape, street and location travel portraits. Content from these programs cover camera strategies you can apply regardless of your photographic interests. Full details here.

Location, location, location

In real estate they say that location is everything. As a result, we will take that thought and apply it to the class with lots of location photography filled with with target rich environments.

Learn about animal image capture at texas school
Mandrill captured at the Phoenix Zoo

This week is packed with photographic explorations. Places of interest will be the Dallas Arboretum, Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, Japanese Gardens, the Fort Worth Zoo and others dependent upon weather. We will do some architectural landscape photos and street photography in downtown Dallas and more. The class is scheduled to visit Dallas Trinity Trails to create a Dallas night skyline photo.

We will work on composition, how to use exposure to tell your story, picking the best f-stop, shutter speed and ISO to get the best image in the camera, selecting the best lens for each situation, and how to plan your shoot for the right light. You will learn to improve your photography with hands on lessons and personal critiques. In addition, we will spend some time looking at post-processing to create a more artistic look in your images. Be aware that entry fees to paid locations will be in addition to your Texas School tuition.

Register early to get your choice

At texas school of photography my class will explore art in post processing
Iris. Working with macro capture and post-processing in Photoshop with Layers and Blend Modes.

This will be a very popular class, so register early. This will be an amazing class with lots of shooting time, getting up early, and having tons of fun. Registration for the Texas School of Photography starts at 11:00 PM CT on January 3, 2020. Pick your favorite three instructors and be ready to push the button just in case your first choice is not available. Some classes have sold out in less than a minute!

Yours in Creative Photography, Bob