Contrary to the usual belief, you don’t need super expensive gear or an ultra complicated setup right away to do astrophotography. You can just put together a budget entry-level astrophotography kit that works great to get you started.

In the video above, Trevor Jones of AstroBackyard breaks down his budget-friendly astrophotography kit for photographing deep sky objects. However, he begins with a caveat: At a total of $1200, it is by no means cheap. Still, it is an accessible setup given the fact that astrophotography rigs tend to be, in his words, “notoriously expensive.”

His gear includes a Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR, a Canon EF 75-300mm lens and the portable Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer (Pro Pack) star tracker. Completing the setup are accessories like remote shutter release cable, ball head and a trusty tripod. Among these, the star tracker will be your biggest purchase, but it’s essential if you want to shoot with longer focal lengths and achieve long-exposures without the star trails.

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