It’s normal to feel unhappy or unsatisfied about our photography once in a while. What’s more important is that we’re able to identify what is making us feel that way. Understanding these reasons will help us address our emotions and start the process to feeling better or more confident. Does that sound like you? Here’s where today’s photography inspiration may be especially useful.

In his video above, Evan Ranft shares his insights on why photographers often feel unhappy about their work. Sometimes, it’s not just a matter of feeling that our work is not getting enough attention. It can even be not having the same enthusiasm about picking up a camera and taking photos. We may also fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to other photographers and feeling jealous about their progress or milestones. These things often result in misconceptions, like getting new gear will instantly make better photos. Or, doing what other popular photographers are doing will make it easier for our work to get noticed.

Ranft’s inputs also delve on the psychological factors that require us to look deeper into our personal issues. He suggests that these could be holding us back from letting photography be a rewarding creative experience. Hopefully, you’ll be able to make the most out of his insights and use them to make photography a more fulfilling craft!

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