One of the most annoying and tedious parts of any photographer’s workflow is removing dust, lint, smudges and fingerprints in post-processing. Imagine having to do that for a product photography project for, say, a hundred items with at least five angles each! Therefore, it’s important to prevent these imperfections before you even start taking photos. However, because these particles are so tiny and often end up everywhere, it’s not surprising to still find them in your photos despite all the precautions.

In the video above, Kuala Lumpur-based Andrew Boey of Beyond Photography briefly explains four ways that dust ruins your photos, whether on your subject or even in your photography gear. The most annoying of these is having dust in your camera sensor, since that means you’ll have to keep removing it in post-processing until you can thoroughly clean the sensor. He also gives some quick tips on how to address these problems, including how to know where these dreaded imperfections in your photos is coming from.