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Photographer of the Day: Andrew Slater

Photographer: Andrew Slater Photo: “Shapes of Transition” We can appreciate that the delicate frozen icicles on the dock and the iron are temporary, and will join the lake in liquid

Photographer of the Day: John

Photographer: John Photo: “_JON2615 edited-1” This striking image is perfectly balanced. The key to its balance is the tree in shadow on the right side of the image. While the

Photographer of the Day: Scott Stults

Photographer: Scott Stults Photo: “Fiber Optics” What is striking about this wonderful image is its power in simplicity. While there are only two key objects being photographed, they each appear

Photographer of the Day: Joe

Photographer: Joe Photo: “Love on Ice” This is a wonderful study in texture! Superimposing the soft organic rose and its delicate petals with the cold frozen water is a great

Photographer of the Day: Ken Lee

Photographer: Ken Lee Photo: “Bracing for Impact” Having appeared in a few of the Photographer of the Day offerings, Ken Lee once again uses imaginative and carefully engineered lighting effects

Photographer of the Day: Geoffrey Tibbenham

Photographer: Geoffrey Tibbenham Photo: “Aldeburgh beach” What makes this image so compelling to me is its simplicity; it’s lack of clutter and unnecessary information. We’re free to surmise how this

Photographer of the Day: Davor Smoković

Photographer: Davor Smoković Photo: “Curak” When a photograph can evoke a story in its viewer, it becomes a successful communication. In this case, the technique of using a long shutter

Photographer of the Day: Ken Lee

Photographer: Ken Lee Photo: “Air Romania” Part of the mystery in this abstract is created by the extreme wide angle fisheye look at a defunct aircraft, with its non-functional components

Photographer of the Day: Peter Hickson

Photographer: Peter Hickson Photo: “West Pier” I do have a love affair with black and white, but it is only partly because I learned photography by developing my own contact

Photographer of the Day: Robert Armstrong

Photographer: Robert Armstrong Photo: “Oregon Bride” Yes, I have chosen a wedding photo for Photographer of the Day! A good photograph is just that — and it can be from

Photographer of the Day: Allan Jones Photographer

Photographer: Allan Jones Photographer Photo: “Oil drops” Abstractions can fire imagination! This near microscopic view of oil drops in water is lit so intentionally, colorfully, and creatively as to remove

Photographer of the Day: Kristine Hinrichs

Photographer: Kristine Hinrichs Photo: “11.16.2019 Zig Zag” It’s so visually entertaining when an architect intentionally echoes an internal building feature with an external one, especially when it’s going to be

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