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More to a Silhouette than Exposure

There are a few key elements that create a successful silhouette. I’ll say it loud and proud. It is MORE than exposure. Yes, you meter for the sky, yes, that

Sony a6000 with Neewer Underwater Case

I use Sony a6000 as my primary underwater camera. It is 24.3MP so I can easily compose in editing. The kit lens is sharp and shoots wide. The Sony shoots

Document Everyday Life

Our lives sometimes surprise us. Sometimes, something happens in our lives that defines who we are. Some of those moments are planned, like a wedding. We spend time thinking about

Being Prepared Makes all the Difference

I love the Boy Scout motto of Be Prepared. As a photographer that often means carrying extra batteries, a spare camera, and an extra memory card. But also knowing the

Using your Children as Models

I often use my children as subjects before I have a big shoot scheduled. I will bring my children to the location, and have them help scout, pick angles and

2015 Holiday Gift Guide

A lot of us are just coming out of the fog of Christmas photography rush orders and holiday shipping deadlines for photo products. We finally have time to breathe, and

Christmas Bokeh and Compression

The other day, I was watching a family take photos in front of a Christmas tree. They were standing directly in front of it. I realized that with a bit

Photo of the Day- Merry Christmas

Category: Family Photograph: by Jeremie Damez Originally shared on the PhotoFocus Flickr Group To learn how your work can be featured on the site, please read this article.

Photo of the Day: Christmas Family Photo

Category: Family Photograph: Christmas Family Photo– Jeremy W Cox Setup: Composite shot with individual shots of figurines, head shots and background. Key light above subject slightly to the right (variable

Photo of the Day: First Spoonful

Category: Family Photograph: “First Spoonful” Tiffany Alfonso Tiffany shared with me that this was the first time her daughter had ever used a spoon at home. She had been in

Bounced Flash for Casual Shooting

I live in a cave. Not literally, but it sure feels like it. My house is so dark. Even with the windows wide open, on a bright sunny day, I

Photo of the Day: “Joy of Autumn”

Category: Family Photograph “Joy of Autumn” by Ben Grey originally shared in the Photofocus Flikr community right here. To learn how your work can be featured on the site, please

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