Memory Card Healthcare Lets talk memory cards. We all have them, need them and use them. But what does it all mean? Lets discuss taking care of our cards and preventing potential problems that can and will happen to all of us. Here’s ten practical tips. 1. Keep your camera up to date. From time […]

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Image from Panasonic.com New cameras like the Panasonic GH4 and the Fuji X-T1 are capable of utilizing the latest SD cards with U-3 specifications. Personally, I’m not really that interested in the specifics, but these new cards are really really fast. Fast means that the picture gets from the camera to the card quickly, and […]

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I have a tendency to carry a lot (and I mean A LOT) of memory cards on a shoot.  Between shooting panoramic photos, time-lapse sequences, and HD video, I burn through memory cards faster than most.  I find myself needing to be certain that I avoid accidentally erasing data. Here’s my strategy for safety: Make […]

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Make sure you don’t miss a single post – point your feed reader to the Photofocus RSS Feed here and subscribe free of charge. This is one of “those” questions we get at Photofocus every week. It’s not the kind of question I’d usually answer on the show because really, up til now, there’s no […]

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Post by Andrew Darlow – Follow Andrew on Twitter Due to the growing popularity of digital cameras, removable memory cards have become our “new film.” Some popular types of memory cards include SD/SDHC (Secure Digital), CF (CompactFlash) and Memory Stick. But as with any digital storage media, there are always risks of data loss either […]

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It happens just about once per month. I get an e-mail from someone who has managed to crash their flash card. This can run anywhere from, “It was no big deal.” since they were just testing a new camera to, “Oh my God my Africa trip is gone!” But in every case I have heard […]

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Photo and Article by Fred Johnson

Being the photo-geek that I am how could I resist the opportunity to play with the world’s first SD+WiFi+FTP enabled memory card?! Like many of my gadgets, once I played with it for a while, a few “gotchas” emerged.

The Eye-Fi is an intelligent SD memory card with a built-in FTP client and wi-fi circuitry. Essentially, the card is a little computer that plugs into your camera, and after set-up will automatically upload the photos you’ve just snapped to the photo-sharing site of your choice.

When the Eye-Fi guys initially spoke with me about this card I had really high hopes. As a photographer, I envisioned being able to travel around shooting, then stroll into any Internet café or Starbucks and upload my images for all to see. The days of having to plug-in, log-in, and upload were about to be a thing of the past…. but not so fast Johnson. In reality, the card requires an initial set-up for each network you plan to use it with. For example, I have mine set up for use on my home network, and you can set it up to recognize multiple networks. But if I travel to a friend’s house, I’d need to bring my computer, the Eye-Fi dongle, and the card to set it up on her network. Now this is a one-time set up, but it’s still a hassle and what if I’m somewhere new and I need to upload images in a hurry?!

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