Apple announced today that it will no longer add features to its professional imaging application Aperture. Apple will continue to update camera formats for the foreseeable future. Apple is folding iPhoto and Aperture into its new release of the Photos app included in the recently announced Mac OSX Yosemite operating system coming this fall. The […]

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Factor model Alexa Johns

Normal is defined as conforming to a standard, the usual, the typical or the expected. When it comes to photography, normal most often refers to the standard focal length lens on a camera. A normal lens sees about the same angle of view as the human eye. Let’s delve into what normal means and why […]

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    Focal length has a lot to do with modern photography. It’s always been important, and now, even more so. Changing the focal length makes a photograph of the same scene into its own unique vision.  Above, the first photo is a normal, 47º angle of view. The middle one was made with an […]

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Profile in hat 01

Kevin Ames is a commercial photographer immersed in creativity. He shoots fashion, intimate portraits, executive portraits, high-end interiors and works extensively in the arena of digital retouching.  And now, we’re proud to have him a part of the Authors & Experts team here at Photofocus. Kevin’s photographs have appeared in Time, Newsweek, The Wall Street […]

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A properly exposed RAW photograph offers almost unlimited creative possibility.

This Exposure Tactics post explains what a “technically proper” exposure is and how to get there. Remember I said technically proper, not creatively right. The sensors in our cameras don’t necessarily match the sensitivity of our light meter. Sad and true. This can make it difficult to judge exposure and get things right. One meter […]

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We live in an ultra connected world where the amount of media seemingly free for the taking is virtually unlimited. This is not a rant on stealing, fair use or copyrights for that matter. It’s really some thoughts on creating and sharing work. Photographers are content creators just like musicians, writers, sculptors, painters and every other […]

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I have been exploring backlight lately. Any light coming from behind the subject can be considered backlight. Backlight that is two or more f/stops brighter than the exposure on the camera will record the subject as a silhouette. I decided to do a shoot in the studio featuring this dreamy light. I set up a […]

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This week’s show features two interviews from different points of view in the photo industry.  Melissa Niu catches up with noted portrait and fashion photographer Kevin Ames to discuss his approach to working with light.  Then Rich Harrington talks to photographer Scott Diussa about his concert photography and work with Nikon.

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