Spectators watch the Aeroshell airobatic team at Atlanta's Peachtree DeKalb airport. Photo by Kevin Ames

Take Control with Back Button Focusing

By default, pressing the shutter button down half way activates the autofocus feature. It’s handy, quick and can lead to some compositional issues. Center of the frame syndrome The autofocus

Pro Tip: Make a Tripod into a Monopod

There are times I really wish i had a monopod. You know, those one legged camera stabilizers sports photogs use to steady their long lenses. Thing is I don’t want

More to a Silhouette than Exposure

There are a few key elements that create a successful silhouette. I’ll say it loud and proud. It is MORE than exposure. Yes, you meter for the sky, yes, that

Experiment in Photoshop for Nine Seconds

I’m a huge believer in the power of experimenting in Photoshop to help discover what’s possible. One of the comments I hear a lot is “I’m too busy to experiment”. Believe me,

3 Tips for Great Pet Photography

Darcy Evans is a freelance photographer specializing in candid pet photography. I had a chance to sit with him and ask for his 3 top tips for creating great pet portraits.

Getting Taped Up

Here’s a great tip I got from watching some grips quickly change gels on some frames. In the past, when you removed an old gel or diffusion material you always

Synchronizing folders in Lightroom

As much as I try to keep my workflow minimal and simplistic, sometimes there are other pieces of software that I’d like to use that don’t seamlessly integrate with Lightroom.

Increase Mouse Accuracy in OSX

If you’ve ever switched from a PC to a Mac, there’s no doubt that you’ve realized that moving the mouse just isn’t the same– like something doesn’t feel right. I

Cucoloris for Shadowed Texture

So often someone will take the time to light the talent to look great but forget to light the background and give the image some depth: One method is to

Four Tips to Standard Portrait Headshot Posing

When it comes to posing and composing your subject for a standard portrait headshot, getting the look you want requires trying various poses depending on their personality and the reason

Lightroom Shortcuts for Faster Culling

As you develop your Lightroom workflow there are few things that will make you more efficient than incorporating more keyboard shortcuts. I wanted to share a few of my favorite

C-Stands 101

One of the most used tools on a Hollywood set, oh heck on any set, is the C-Stand. C in Roman numerals representing the numeral 100 is how the C-Stand

No Sippy Cups here, just Baby Plates

Some of the most used tools on a Hollywood set are C-Stands and Apple Boxes. Then there are these little babies, Baby Plates. What is a Baby Plate you ask?

Scrim for Lighting Detail

Its a beautiful sunny day, you’re shooting indoors looking out to a sliding glass door or window and its brighter outside than on your set. Your talent is moving so